Paul van Neer

Paul van Neer obtained his PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (2010) on the design and realization of novel medical ultrasound hard- and software for super harmonic imaging. He joined TNO in 2011, where he focused on the design of novel sound based measurement systems. Currently he holds the position of principal scientist at the dep. of Acoustics and Sonar. His work led to 50+ patents and patent applications, 35+ journal articles and several new products and start-ups. His main fields of research are opto-acoustic/PIC based transducers, wearable/flexible transducers and GHz acoustics based sensors.

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IPSR-I Wednesday November 8, 2023
IPSR-I Thursday November 9, 2023
Day 2 November 8, 2023
Day 1 November 7, 2023
Day 2 '22 November 8, 2022