PIC in Canada event
8 November 2023, 8:00-12:00, Evoluon

PIC in Canada 2023

08:00-12:00, 8 November 2023 – Evoluon restaurant, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


08:00-09:00 Registration and breakfast 

09:00-09:15 Welcome and Opening words 

  • Welcome
    • Geneviève Brisson, Québec Government Office in Brussels
    • Ahmed El-Kadars, NGF Programme Manager Industrialisation, PhotonDelta
  • Madison Rilling, CEO, Optonique: PIC in the Strategic Dialogue between Canada and the Netherlands

09:15-09:45 Plenary: XECS clusters, strategies for engaging Canada and Europe 

  • Session chair: James Farrell, NRC-IRAP
  • Plenary speaker: Nadja Rorhbach: the XECS opportunity
    • 20 min keynote and project examples
    • 10 min Q&A

09:45-10:45 Canadian PIC companies pitches

  • Session chair: Matthew Posner, Workforce & Photonics Education Director, Optonique
  • Guest speaker introduction: Jose Pozo, CTO, Optica. International industrial collaboration for PIC.
    • 4-minute presentation, with 1 question, from each company in the Canadian delegation.
  2. Philippe Babin, CEO, AEPONYX Inc.
  3. Cameron Horvath, Director & Product Manager, Applied Nanotools Inc.
  4. Siamak Akhlaghi, CEO, Correct-AI Inc.
  5. Simon Duval, Co-founder & CTO, Femtum
  6. Pasquale Ricciardi, CTO, FONEX data systems inc.
  7. Thomas Jones, Founder, President, and CEO, Jones Microwave Inc.
  8. Kazem Zandi, CEO, One Silicon Chip Photonics
  9. Daniel Hutama, Development Engineer, Integrated Quantum Photonics, Optiwave Systems
  10. Rouben Antanian, Technical Sales Director (Europe), OZ Optics Ltd
  11. Douglas Beckett, VP, Optical Technology, Ranovus, Inc.
  12. Rafal Janik, Chief Operating Officer, Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc.
  13. James P. Shaffer, CTO/Senior Technical Fellow, WaveRyde Instruments/Quantum Valley Ideas Laboratories

The order of presentations is subject to change

10:45-11:15 Poster networking and coffee break

  • Participants can stay in the room to network and see posters. Opportunity for posters at the booth.

11:15-11:30 Invited talk: Innovation centres in XECS

  • Session chair: James Farrell, NRC-IRAP
  • Invited speaker: TNO, TBC
    • 15 min invited talk with project examples

11:30-11:50 Canadian innovation actors pitches

  • Session chair: Matthew Posner, Workforce & Photonics Education Director, Optonique
    • 4-minute pitches, 1 question each
  1. Front-end : NRC-CPFC: Velko Tzolov, Michael Davison (CPFC)
  2. Back-end: C2MI: Marco Gauvin, Business Development Director
  3. Packaging: INO: André Fougères, CTO
  4. Applications: Optech: Patrick Orsini, Director Development and Innovations, Transport and Communications Applications

11:50-12:00 Closing words and next steps

  • Session chair: Matthew Posner, Optonique
  • James Farrell: Industrial Technology Advisor, National Research Council of Canada – Industrial Research Assistance Program
  • Fanny Bousquet, First Secretary, STI Trade Commissioner Embassy of Canada to the Netherlands

For any questions please contact: Matthew Posner, Optonique, mposner@optonique.ca

If you would like to attend the PIC Summit Europe 2023 please register here: PIC Summit Europe – Join the leading lights in integrated photonics