Sylvie Menezo

Sylvie Menezo is CEO of SCINTIL Photonics, which she founded in November 2018 after being Laureate of the ILAB French contest from BPIfrance. SCINTIL exploits a circuit technology developed at CEA-Leti for monolithically integrating lasers on advanced silicon photonics, in the domains of optical communications and sensing applications. Before founding SCINTIL, Menezo managed the Silicon Photonics Lab (2012-2014) and the Business Development activities in integrated photonics (2014-2017) at CEA-Leti (Grenoble). She previously worked at NZAT (Boston, USA), Alcatel (Marcoussis, France), and at Sercel-Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (Nantes France and Houston USA), managing product development teams or product lines. Since 2021, Menezo is at the board of ePIXfab, a European not-for-profit open alliance of academic and industrial organizations with a mission to promote silicon photonics science, technology and applications. Sylvie Menezo holds an Engineering degree from INSA Lyon (1997), a Ph.D from Centre National d’Etude des Télécommunications (1999, Bagneux) and a Part Time Executive MBA from Audencia Nantes (2007).

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IPSR-I Wednesday November 8, 2023
IPSR-I Thursday November 9, 2023
Day 2 November 8, 2023
9:10 - 9:30

Advanced Silicon Photonic Circuits augmented with monolithic best-in-class III-V-lasers

Day 1 November 7, 2023
Day 2 '22 November 8, 2022