Ilan Spillinger

Ilan Spillinger

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Dr. Ilan Spillinger is currently Executive Vice President and Corporate Chief Technology Officer at imec. Before he was CVP of Microsoft HoloLens and Silicon. During his previous six-year tenure with IBM, Ilan was as a Distinguished Engineer and VP of Advanced Processor Design. In that role, he was responsible for development of all Power Architecture-based processors at IBM: server processor; embedded processors; and client-driven solutions (e.g., Xbox 360, Wii). Ilan joined IBM Haifa, Israel development laboratory in 2001, where he managed the IBM Microelectronics Infiniband activity. Prior to that, Ilan was a principal engineer and the manager of the architecture team in Intel Israel responsible for the definition of X86-based low-cost and low-power microprocessors, specifically the first Intel mobile processor in the Intel Centrino roadmap. Dr. Spillinger holds a D.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa Israel.

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