Ilan Spillinger

Ilan Spillinger

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Dr. Ilan Spillinger, CVP of Microsoft HoloLens and Silicon, has been with Microsoft since late 2007. He currently leads the HoloLens and Silicon organization, which consists of the HoloLens Hardware engineering team, as well as Silicon and sensor development for HoloLens, Xbox, and accessories. During his previous six-year tenure with IBM, Ilan was as a Distinguished Engineer and VP of Advanced Processor Design. In that role, he was responsible for development of all Power Architecture-based processors at IBM: server processor; embedded processors; and client-driven solutions (e.g., Xbox 360, Wii). Ilan joined IBM Haifa, Israel development laboratory in 2001, where he managed the IBM Microelectronics Infiniband activity. Prior to that, Ilan was a principal engineer and the manager of the architecture team in Intel Israel responsible for the definition of X86-based low-cost and low-power microprocessors, specifically the first Intel mobile processor in the Intel Centrino roadmap. Dr. Spillinger holds a D.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa Israel.

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