Daniel Martijn de Bruin – Test 2023

Daniel Martijn de Bruin – Test 2023

  • Principal Investigator, dept of Biomedical Engineering & Physics, dept of Urology
  • Amsterdam UMC

Martijn is principal investigator and staff member of both the department of urology and the photonics group at the department of biomedical engineering & physics and currently responsible for the urological research lines at the Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam (AUMC-UvA), department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics, department of Urology. He is holder of multiple grants covering several research projects, member of the EAU, AUA, SPIE, COST and ESUT, published over 150 papers covering clinical translation of optical and digital diagnostic imaging technologies and focal therapeutic modalities for benign and malignant disease.

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IPSR-I Wednesday November 8, 2023
IPSR-I Thursday November 9, 2023
Day 2 November 8, 2023
Day 1 November 7, 2023
Day 2 '22 November 8, 2022
10:05 - 10:30 AM

Keynote from the Healthcare Industry by Amsterdam UMC