Ewit Roos

Ewit Roos has been the CEO of PhotonDelta Foundation since January 2018. As of 2014 he was Managing Director of PhotonDelta. His main responsibility is to support the realization of the goals of the Dutch integrated photonics industry. Before that, since 2011, he fulfilled the role of Managing Director of early-stage high tech investment fund BrightMove. Aside from his role as CEO, Roos advises both national and regional governments and public bodies on early-stage (deep-tech) funding topics. Roos started his career with Waste Management Inc., where he was responsible for corporate affairs and business development in the Netherlands and in a later stage for the European electronics recycling division.

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IPSR-I Wednesday November 8, 2023
IPSR-I Thursday November 9, 2023
Day 2 November 8, 2023
Day 1 November 7, 2023
Day 2 '22 November 8, 2022